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Overnight Doula Care

As a single mom of twins, I have felt lucky to count on Lilly for overnight care. When Lilly comes to my home, I know my baby girls are in safe and loving hands, and I can rest and feel refreshed the next day. And I enjoy our conversations on parenting as well. 
       - Marie-Hélène

I am a member of wonderful team of three experienced childbirth educators/doulas/moms who offer overnight support for parents of newborns.

We offer 8-hour overnight visits to care for your baby or babies while you get some much needed relaxation and sleep.

Our care also includes formula feeding or support with breast- or chestfeeding

Overnight care is helpful for all new parents, but can be particularly supportive for solo parents, families with twins, or those with additional mental or physical health challenges.

To find out more about overnight care, get in touch!

Overnight Doula Fees

$250.00 plus HST for 8 hours

Visits are from 10pm - 6am


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