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New parents often find themselves on one of the steepest learning curves of their adult life, and all with a sense of immense responsibility. Coaching and postpartum support during this time can help new parents gain confidence, practical skills, and self care skills. For some, the perfect solution is having help at home when you're tired and overloaded. For others, talking it out and problem-solving is exactly what's needed.

I value authenticity, creative problem-solving, humour and kindness. My own experiences and the stories that have come from working with new families for 30 years inform and enrich my work.

I am warmly welcoming of people of all identities, inclusive of any gender expression, family arrangement, sexual orientation, body size, ethnicity, religion, and ability.

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Choose from virtual coaching or in-home visits

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new parent coaching

This is truly on-the-job learning! These one hour virtual sessions can help tackle your questions or worries, learn practical skills, dispel myths, and clarify conflicting advice about the early days and weeks of caring for your new baby (or babies). Sessions can also focus on emotional health, developing your parenting philosophy, and relationship support. Timing of virtual visits is quite flexible to suit your needs.

  • single session fee $65.00 + HST

  • 3 session package $180.00 + HST

  • 5 session package $290.00 + HST


Packages include email support between sessions.

postpartum doula care

A postpartum doula is part of your village of support during the first three months after birth. These in-home sessions have  a special focus on caring for the new parents. Visits can include:

newborn feeding support and information, helping parents catch up on sleep,meal preparation, organization tips, household tasks, baby wearing skills

...or whatever is needed to help your day go better.

Visits are available on weekdays, daytime only.

  • 3 hour visit $100.00 + HST

  • 3 visit package $275.00 + HST

  • 5 visit package $435.00 + HST

For new parents seeking individual coaching as you navigate your growth as a parent and the emotional landscape of this life transition, please see my personal growth coaching page.

Please feel welcome to ask about a sliding scale for fees if your financial situation makes my care unaffordable.

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